Roof Metalwalk® Walkways in Dallas, TX

When you find yourself in need of a rooftop walkway system, Design Components, Inc. is the place to go. An outstanding team of trained professionals is always available to help walk you through the process of making the roof on your commercial or industrial building a safer place.

In the 1970's Design Components, Inc. began to specialize in the industry of metal walkway systems. Since this time, we have become the leading distributor of metal rooftop walkways.

At Design Components, Inc. in Dallas, TX, we take pride in providing safety and convenience towards the access of commercial and industrial building rooftops.

Being a rooftop system company means we provide many of the tools that are necessary for safe access such as:

·         Metalwalk® Rooftop Systems

·         Handrails

·         Non-slip Grating

·         Leveled Walkways

·         Roof Fans

·         Smoke Vents

·         Valley Gutter Walkways

·         And so much more!


The rooftop Metalwalk® system was created for maximum design flexibility. It offers a non-skid grating that comes in our standard 12" wide x 12" long interlocking planks. These planks are what make up the main component of the design flexibility. The Metalwalk® system exceeds OSHA and IBC 2012 code requirements by a large margin, and doesn't penetrate SSR panels whatsoever. Custom painting is available for rooftop Metalwalk® systems as well as an optional 4" toe board which is built with a non-skid surface.

Rooftop Walkways

Rooftop walkway systems are not only extremely handy, but necessary in a handful of situations. With industrial and commercial buildings, the roof is where you might keep important components of your business. Many industrial buildings have electrical compartments and storage units which they keep on the roof. Whether or not you store anything on your roof, you will always need a safe manner of roof access for any repairs or maintenance that needs to be performed. If you can't provide a safe way for rooftop workers to access your roof, the maintenance can cost you more than you'd like.

Design Components, Inc. can install rooftop Metalwalk® systems that provide safe access to your roof at any given time.

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Our customer service can help walk you through the process of adding custom features to any walkway you're interested in having installed.


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