Roof Metalwalk® Walkways in Houston, TX

Do you dread accessing your rooftop every time something needs to be fixed, checked, or adjusted? Or worse yet, do you dread sending employees to the rooftop for fear that they could sustain injuries while on the job? These are real concerns, and at Design Components Inc., it is our job and our desire to eliminate those fears.

We provide and install first-class roof walkway systems that will help you sleep better at night while streamlining your business. We do that by making roof access as easy and safe (if not more so) than other parts of the building!

How Our Metalwalks Work

The term “Metalwalk®” refers to the system of metal walkways, handrails, stairs, steps, vents and other components that allow you to navigate an otherwise treacherous rooftop and access the things that you need to access. We install every part of that metal walk, from the non-slip walking surfaces to the custom-painted handrails to the rooftop fans. Our rooftop metalwalk specifications are designed to be accessible, efficient, and safe, while also completely personalized to your business needs.

Please call us today if you have questions about your rooftop and how to create a metalwalk that integrates seamlessly with what is already in place. We can work with and around solar panels, buildings, machinery, height discrepancies, and hot Texas weather!

Our Team

We know our Metalwalk® contractors in Houston, TX are some of the best. Our team members are not only experts in the field, but they are professionals in every sense of the word. As a company that began back in the 1970s, we know what it takes to earn people’s trust and to grow and sustain a business. Excellence in engineering and attention to our clients are important to us. We welcome your questions and your input and we always want you to feel like every aspect of the metal system meets your individual needs.

What You Get

When you call on the Design Components team in Houston, you’ll get nothing but the best. Our Metalwalk® system is acclaimed for its efficiency and its quality. It comes with state-of-the-art products that you will love, including these:

·         Handrails

·         Non-slip walkways

·         Doors

·         Windows

·         Air and smoke vents

·         Gravity vents

·         Ridge vents

·         Roof curbs

·         Wall fans

·         Roof fans

·         Louvers

·         Ladders

·         And steps!

Your system will be one of the most practical and functional parts of your business by the time we are through! Contact us today to get started.


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