Benefit from Our Roof Walkway Systems in Salt Lake City, UT

Design Components, Inc. is a leading distributor of rooftop walkways in Salt Lake City, UT. This means that we not only install a competitive number of roof walkway systems in the area, but that we provide the highest quality systems in the area.

Quality Metal Walkways

When we talk about high quality, we mean several things.

First of all, we place the highest priority on safety. A walkway system won’t do anyone any good unless it is structurally sound and completely safe to use. In Salt Lake, this means that we have to consider a broad range of weather conditions to ensure such an outdoor system will be safe all year round.

Second, quality to us means high functionality and efficiency. We work to design walkway systems that meet your needs for ease of access and usability. We design and install unique walkways depending on the building and the uses it will serve. We frequently install vented walkways with handrails, ladders systems, non-slip surfaces, self-closing gates, and custom painting. Everything about our walkways serves a purpose.

Finally, we place a high standard on the overall quality of the design, the installation, and the professionalism of our work. We have been a leading rooftop system company since the 1970’s, and we have sustained a record of quality and service since that time. At every phase of the project, we work to meet high standards of workmanship, even above and beyond the minimum safety requirements.

Custom Metal Accessories

Walkways are not the only thing we specialize in, though they are the biggest component of walkway systems. Rooftop systems involve many safety and utility products that we provide so that your rooftop is a convenient, neat, and safe system with all components working together. Other products and accessories we provide include:

·         Roof curbs

·         Skylights

·         Windows doors

·         Canopies

·         Smoke vents

·         Wall and roof fans

·         Gravity vents

·         And much more

Please just contact us if you have questions about what we can provide for what you have in mind for your rooftop.

Commercial and Industrial Services

We have worked with commercial and industrial companies for decades, and we look forward to doing so for many more years. We have experience in many different fields and we are confident in our ability to find solutions that will please you. Our engineering work is top-of-the-line, and our products are only the best. Please call us now to begin!


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